Dumbrella Hosting is the premium solutions provider for creators of professional webcomics.

Phillip Karlsson started in webcomics as the technology-providing half of the long-running and popular webcomic Goats. In 2006, Karlsson established Dumbrella Hosting from the technology that made Goats one of the most robust and full-featured comics on the internet. Goats writer/artist Jon Rosenberg immediately became Karlsson's first client.

In addition to providing webcomics with a full-service home on the internet, Dumbrella Hosting provides its clients with a wide variety of ancillary integrated applications: the forums and storefront and transcription services that debuted at Goats are now available to all Dumbrella Hosting clients. The primary goal of Dumbrella Hosting is to emphasize the "web" half of webcomics, to provide the power of its tools within whatever design its clients choose.

In addition to its webcomics clients, Dumbrella Hosting provides the servers for the popular Oh No Robot and Project Wonderful services, and is the publisher of the webcomics news, reviews, and analysis site Fleen.